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Marimex ViscoScope

With the ViscoScope® inline viscometer, we have created a modular measuring system,
with which the complex parameter “viscosity” can be monitored easily, reliably and maintenance-free
in almost every industrial application in real time.

Inline viscometer

Products and solutions: Viscosity sensors and transmitters

ViscoScope® - the premium brand among process viscometers

Sensor VA-100 ViscoScope Viscosimeter
Stainless Steel Welded IP 65 Multipoint calibration

ViscoScope® Sensor VA-100

ViscoScope® Viscometer VA-100

The ViscoScope® Process Viscometer VA-100 is a maintenance-free precision viscometer for reliable real-time measurement of the dynamic viscosity of liquids.

  • High measuring accuracy

  • Wide measuring range

  • Flexible mounting position

  • robust and durable

Inline sensors for viscosity measurement

ViscoScope VA-300 Viscosimeter
Stainless steel, welded extended measuring range Application-specific measuring tips Precise measuring device

ViscoScope® Sensor VA-300

ViscoScope® Viscometer VA-300

The ViscoScope® Process Viscometer VA-300 is a maintenance-free precision viscometer for reliable real-time measurement of the dynamic viscosity of liquids.

  • High measuring accuracy

  • Wide measuring range

  • Flexible mounting position

  • robust and durable

Inline sensors for viscosity measurement

Transmitters compatible with ViscoScope
Alarm function Viscosity & Temperature Evaluation Inputs & Outputs Configurable rail or wall mounting

VS-D250 und VS-4450

Transmitters compatible with ViscoScope

The VS-D250 and VS-4450 transmitters are compatible with all ViscoScope® VA-100 and VA-300 sensors and their predecessors. This ensures the highest possible flexibility for optimal instrument selection and replacement of older transmitters.

  • various measurement parameters

  • 4-line display

  • RS232 | MODBUS RTU | 0…10V | 4…20 mA

  • Alarm function

Inline sensors for viscosity measurement

Industries and Applications

Inline viscosity measurement in almost every industrial application.

Inline Viscosity in the chemical industry
Coatings Fine chemistry Adhesives Sealants Paints and Varnishes

Chemical Industry

Our ViscoScope® process viscometer has a modular design that allows us to create the optimum system for practically every application.

  • Temperature range from -40 °C to 450 °C
  • Pressures up to 550 bar
  • Measuring range 0.1 - 2,500,000 mPa.s
  • ATEX / IECEx certification
Inline Viscosity in the Petrochemical Industry
tarmac bitumen Bunker oil diesel oil pipelines

Petrochemical Industry

Whether crude oil is being transported from the Canadian prairies at -20 °C or catalytic cracking is taking place at 500 °C in a refinery, we have the right ViscoScope® process viscometer.

  • Oil production at -20 °C
  • Temperatures up to 500 °C
  • ATEX / IECEx certification
Inline Viscosity in the food industry
thickener dairy products spices sauces

Food Industry

Our ViscoScope® process viscometer cannot measure how good a chocolate tastes, but viscosity is a texture parameter that provides a pleasant mouthfeel.

  • Saving raw materials
  • pleasant texture
  • consistent quality
  • EHEDG certificate
Inline Viscosity in pharma & Cosmetics
tinctures toothpaste shampoo & shower gels additives (CMC) cremes & lotions

Pharmacy & Cosmetics

The ViscoScope® process viscometer supports the user in optimal process management and control. The sensors are EHEDG-certified and equipped with hygienic fittings

  • installation without dead space
  • hygienic fittings
  • Optimisation of the dimensional stability
  • Monitoring the final viscosity

Flexible sensor mounting and installation

Usage of inline viscometers: Project planning support

Benefit from our advantages

Convincing product features

  • customized sensor design
  • application-specific configuration
  • selection of suitable accessories
  • Reliable measurement results
  • Optimization of industrial processes

Project planning questionnaire

Use our questionnaire for detailed inquiries about our viscometers. With your information, we will advise you individually and prepare a project-related offer without obligation.

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Typical installation positions

Our ViscoScope viscometer can be installed in any position in vessels, pipes and flow cells. See installation examples here.

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Support and Services

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of inline viscometers, but also as a service provider for installations and expert in the interpretation of measurement results.

Our Services
Information and Consulting

Information and Consulting

for standard applications and customer-specific questions - on site if desired.

24 hour Contact

24 hour Contact

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Support even at unusual times

Training of users

Training of users

at the Marimex® HQ or also on site

Evaluation of measurement data

Evaluation of measurement data

Preparation and interpretation of measurement data

Service in all situations

Service in all situations

Inspection, maintenance and repair of measuring systems

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